New Wedding Date! 8/14/2021
Friends and Family, Please join us to celebrate our new wedding date on 8/14/21. We are looking forward to seeing everyone then! Stay safe and healthy!
Nicole & Ryan




Wedding Party

Courtney Hudson

Maid of Honor

Courtney and I met our first year of college at USD through our sorority, ADPi. We instantly hit it off, bonding over our love for peanut butter, working out, and me teasing her about her obsession with glitter;) --and we soon became roommates which we still are to this day. Court and I have been there for each other through everything- studying abroad in Spain, getting through the long library nights and weekends out in college, graduation, getting our first jobs, and so much more. Courtney is practically an extension to Ryan's and my relationship, and we wouldn't be here without her.

Ellie Rosen


Ellie and I met freshman year of high school, and have been inseparable ever since. We just get each other - whatever it may be. We spent our high school days staying up late skyping and 'studying' for tests, going to school dances and games, singing karaoke and eating tubs of ice cream Although Michigan has taken her away from us, I don't think I could survive without our 2+ hour long phone conversations and face times, talking about absolutely everything under the sun.

Arielle Creager


Our love for each other began at the dance studio at 14 years old. Countless ballet classes, summer workshops, and long rehearsal nights together quickly led to this unmatched friendship. From always being twins and reading each others minds, to going on trips around the world, taking Masterdrive classes, supporting each other at dance shows and graduations, to so much more, we will forever be soulmates and the best of friends.

Pam Mejia


Pam and Nicole were brought together through being on the same sales team at Houzz. Their friendship grew very quickly, as they bonded over happy hours, workout classes, hosting dinner parties, and busying themselves while the boys watched football. They are always there for each other- whether its a spontaneous picnic at the park, a necessary after work glass of wine and vent session, opinions on trip or wedding planning, or making sure they make it to the Bath & Body works candle sale.

Courtney Garrity


Courtney and I have known each other since our first day of Kindergarten at 5 years old. She has always brought the adventurous side out of me - from roller skate basketball on the driveway and climbing on rooftops to watch the sunset - to diving under huge waves and climbing through the rocks and caves at high tide at Crystal Cove. Although Courtney now lives across the country in New York, we've stayed closer than ever, and count down the days until they see each other when Court comes home.

Bri Nixt


Bri and Nicole met when they were seated next to each other on the first day of training at Houzz. Their friendship only grew as they went from not only coworkers to roommates as well. From work gossip and happy hours, to nights at home spent figuring out how to cook gourmet dinners and kill unwanted insects, to unloading our days to each others' listening ears, the two have a special friendship that will continue throughout

Camille DeVita


Our friendship began back in elementary school, where we spent every minute together from school plays to birthday party sleepovers. We truly grew up together, going through the ups and downs of teenage and then college life. Even now, when we get together it’s like no time has passed.

Hillary Pocta


Hillary came into my life junior year of high school, when she moved to California from Illinois and joined the Song team. We instantly became besties, and spent countless high school nights together cheering on the football field, working our first job at Five Guys, and enjoying the beach and sunny SoCal. Going into college, our friendship remained, as we spent weekends together, went out together, and hung out with each others families. Now that Hillary is married and moved to Texas, we are still closer than ever and getting together is like no time has passed.

Rudy Arzaga

Best Man

Dominic Rodricks


Aaron Whitmore


Stephen Mejia


Ruben Santana


Chris Escobar


Nikkol Christiansen